Very Cold Weather Security Tips - Don't forget your windshield

36% of Quebec motorists neglect repairing their damaged windshield

36% of Quebec motorists neglect repairing their damaged windshield, despite insurance clauses that often encourage repair. During very cold weather, chips have a greater chance of transforming into cracks, because they are vulnerable to temperature variations.

Even heating can convert a chip into a crack if the temperature gap changes too drastically or is too wide between the vehicle’s interior and exterior.

Representing up to 30% of a vehicle’s structure, the windshield plays a fundamental role. In particular, it prevents the roof from collapsing in case of a rollover. A damaged windshield not only can affect your visibility when driving, but can compromise your safety and your passengers’ safety in case of an accident.

In Quebec, if your automobile insurance contract covers glass breakage, the repairs will be free. Windshield specialists can inform you on your insurance coverage. Elsewhere in Canada, consult your vehicle’s insurance policy regarding windshields or contact specialists so they can help you check your insurance coverage. In all cases, have it repaired immediately. A repair is quick, long-lasting and environmentally friendly. It avoids a costlier replacement that requires a financial contribution the size of your deductible.

(Survey data from Belron Canada/Lebeau Vitres d'autos)