2016 Geneva Auto Show Photo Gallery

The Geneva International Motor Show is heaven for supercar enthusiasts. Not only did well-known manufacturers unveil their new models, but some obscure companies and startups are trying their luck in the lucrative world of high-buck, high-power machinery.

Introduced to the world in Geneva is the Lamborghini Centenario, a car that celebrates the 100th anniversary of founder Ferrucio Lamborghini’s birth. Only 40 units of the V12-engined, 770-horsepower Centenario will be built, split evenly between coupe and roadster body styles.

Ferrari launched the GTC4Lusso, a four-passenger GT that replaces the FF. It’s powered by a 690-hp V12. Aston Martin revved up the show with its DB11 and its twin-turbo, 5.2-litre V12 that develops 600 horsepower.

Bugatti is back with an all-new supercar called the Chiron. It produces an amazing 25% more power than the outgoing Veyron, thanks to a quad-turbocharged, 8.0-litre W16 engine. Its 1500 hp allows the car to boast a top speed in excess of 400 km/h.

Techrules is a Chinese company that unveiled an electric supercar that’s equipped with a turbine as a range extender. The car produces 1030 hp and is said to have a range of more than 2000 km. Rimac Automobili showed off the Concept_One, powered by four electric motors for a combined output of 1088 hp. Zenvo presented the ST1, equipped with a supercharged and turbocharged V8 engine that produces 1104 hp. The Arash AF10 is saddled with a gasoline engine, four electric motors and five gearboxes for a total of 2080 hp.

There are also a lot of new and more affordable models on the show floor. Volkswagen showed off a funky subcompact convertible SUV concept called the T-Cross Breeze, in addition to a refreshed version of the up! minicar and the limited-edition GTI Clubsport. Unfortunately, none of these will be available in Canada.

Honda unveiled the Civic Hatchback Prototype, a thinly disguised version of the production five-door that will make its way on the Canadian market within the next year, followed by the hot Civic Type R. Jaguar released the F-TYPE SVR, a beastlier version of the their sports car. Lexus presented a hybrid version of their new full-size luxury coupe, called the LC 500h. Mercedes-Benz showed off their new C-Class Cabriolet, which will join the family in Canada this year. Volvo introduced the lovely V90 wagon, which will also make its way onto the Canadian market sometime this year, alongside the also-new S90 sedan.

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