Why Go to a Car Show?

Every year, literally dozens of car shows are held around the world. Some are huge, like the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, and others are more modest regional exhibitions.

Nevertheless, the popularity of such events speaks for itself. The question remains: why go to a car show?

Proximity matters 
There are shows devoted to almost every subject under the sun: weddings, books, houses, sexuality – you name it. The main appeal of such events lies in proximity to the subject matter. 

When you shop online or read a publication like AutoGO or The Car Guide, your relationship with the subject matter is psychological only: you have to use your imagination. 

At a car show, on the other hand, the opportunity is there to see and touch. Apart from a few rare and very expensive models, you can even hop in and check out the interior. Whether you are there as a would-be purchaser, or just because you like looking at cars, a car show gives you the opportunity to move from vehicle to vehicle, comparing the fit and finish of competing brands without having to drive from dealership to dealership.

Concept cars and good vibrations
Car shows usually have concept cars on display. While they are often behind a "Please do not touch" sign, you can move close enough to get a good idea of what the future may hold.

Apart from all that, there is excitement in the air. When there are so many people and dealers together in the same place, there is always a buzz, a little electricity. 

So whether you’re in the market for a car or a car-related accessory of some sort, or just looking for a good time, those are all good reasons for going to a car show.