2015 Honda Accord Coupe: exclusive pleasure

In a market dominated by trucks, it isn’t surprising to see that North Americans still appreciate large sedans.

While full-size sedans are getting scarcer on our roads, the number of midsize sedans is still high, being a good alternative for families in need of space and comfort, but who don’t necessarily want to buy an SUV.

Amongst these midsized cars, the Accord continues to represent one of the best choices. Strangely enough, it’s one of the last models to offer a manual gearbox, an unusual feature in a category that strives to make its buyers’ lives as easy as can be. That’s too bad, as the Honda Accord Coupe equipped with a manual transmission is a car that makes the daily commute more enjoyable.

A makeover for 2016, but not all that significant
Honda modernized the appearance of the Accord for the 2016 model year, which basically means the discounted 2015 editions you’ll see on dealer lots are out of style. Really?

Actually, they aren’t, since the 2016 Accord didn’t change all that much overall. However, the cosmetic enhancements – as minimal as they are – successfully make the car look younger. The 2015 Accord appears a little stale, especially compared to rivals such as the Mazda6 and the Toyota Camry.

Its cockpit is well laid out, assembled with quality materials, and quiet on the road. For a coupe, the Accord offers plenty of space for rear-seat occupants, while those sitting in front benefit from comfortable seats that are just supportive enough.

The only drawback inside the car is its infotainment system. It’s operated either by touchscreen button zones or physical switchgear, and information is spread out over two separate screens. It takes a certain amount of time to master.

Hearty powertrain
The V6 engine that’s found in the Accord has a displacement of 3.5 litres. A member of Honda’s Earth Dreams powertrain family, it develops 278 horsepower at 6,200 rpm and 252 lb-ft of torque at 4,900 rpm.

At any rev range, the engine responds strongly, especially when matched to the surgically precise, six-speed manual transmission like only Honda knows how to build. With our right foot firmly planted on the gas pedal, the car can dash from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.6 seconds, while its average fuel economy in normal driving will hover between 10.5 and 11.5 L/100 km.

In a nutshell, the Honda Accord is a superb midsize sedan; it’s comfortable, it’s spacious and above all, it’s reliable. And what better proof of all this than the number of Canadian families who rely on this model each day? Despite its very low sales numbers, Honda still offers a coupe with a manual gearbox. It’s not enough to make the Accord a true sports car, but it sure does make the everyday drive more delightful.

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