Subaru WRX Concept presented at Frankfurt Auto Show

We, North Americans, have seen the concept of the next Subaru WRX. But on the other side of the Atlantic, the unveiling of the next high-performance car from Subaru at the Frankfurt Auto Show is the first time they can see the future WRX in person.

The car unveiled today is the same model that had been shown at a world premiere at the last New York Auto Show. The WRX concept still shows its angular lines and low and stocky figure. At the rear, four exhaust tailpipes hint to considerable power, but the figures are still not available.

The WRX concept essentially displays the same length as the current generation of the WRX STI. It is however lower and much wider. Unfortunately, we will probably have to wait the official unveiling of the production WRX, at the next Tokyo Motor Show, before we can learn what the WRX has in store in terms of power.