New Guinness World Record for the smallest car in the world

The size of the modern automobile is growing. Just compare an original Honda Civic from 1973 to its modern equivalent and you’ll be surprised at how much the new model has grown. It is the same story with the MINI Cooper and several other such vehicles.

One man in Texas, however, wanted to have a really small car, and went about making one to satisfy his needs. What Austin Coulson ended up with has just been classified by the Guinness Book of World Records as the smallest roadworthy car in the world.

Measuring just 25 inches high, 27.75 inches wide and 49.8 inches long, Coulson’s contraption is smaller than some baby strollers.

Coulson says that people are most surprised to hear that it is road legal, because everyone has a perception that there is a specific size requirement. As Coulson explains, there actually isn’t one, and his car meets all the necessary requirements for a road car to be legalized in the state of Texas.

This pint-sized vehicle uses a Chevrolet Bel Air body from a stroller, and is powered by an engine from a child’s quad bike. Its chassis was Coulson’s own design.

It has a top speed of 53 km/h, but according to Coulson, it feels like 160 km/h.

While road legal, don’t expect this vehicle to go on sale at a showroom near you anytime soon.