The unlimited potential of the Magnum MK5

Whether you are a fan of high performance cars living in Mexico, Australia, France or the United States, you've probably recently heard of the new Magnum MK5.

To refresh your memory, Magnum was founded in 1968 by Jean-Pierre St-Jacques. The Montreal-based company specializes in the construction of single-seat open wheel cars, some of which have been driven by Gilles Villeneuve.

Regarding the MK5 specifically, little information is available. It will be officially unveiled on October 30th, but Jon Labbee, spokesperson for Magnum, said in an email to Autogo that the full details of the car will be unveiled a day before, on October 29th. There will also be another teaser video released next week.

I cannot recall the last time a car from a Canadian manufacturer generated as much enthusiasm and curiosity. Is it the fact that it is the work of a company having accumulated more than forty years of experience in building race cars that generates so much attention?

After all, with such extensive expertise, there is no doubt that the Magnum MK5 will be a special car and more than likely capable of competing with the best Europe has the offer in terms of high performance machines.

There is also the fact that the car is no longer in development. No, it is ready to be unleashed on a racetrack where it has already finished performance testing. In short, the Magnum MK5 is not a simple idea, it's a real car built by real experts. Heck, it may even be available for sale by the end of the year; at least we sure hope so!

There have been many performance car projects and concepts coming from Canada, but few have actually made it to production and even fewer have made a mark on the global stage. The Magnum MK5, on the other hand, has already won the attention of the world, now it is time to deliver.

There is no doubt that the potential of Magnum MK5 is unlimited. It now remains to be seen how the company wants to position this new car. Will it be relatively affordable for the level of performance it will deliver? Will the purchase process be able to accommodate buyers from other countries? Will it be produced in sufficient quantity or will it be a car that only a few buffs with deep pockets will be able to buy in order to place it out of sight in an air-conditioned garage? We'll know more on the 29th and 30th of October.

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