Auto sales in January - Significant variations

For most manufacturers, 2013 was a prosperous year. In fact, several manufacturers broke sales records, while the majority saw their total sales increased compared to the previous year.

With a new year beginning, the automobile industry is now looking to continue its momentum.

The good

January saw significant changes in the number of sales from one manufacturer to another. While some experienced substantial increases or decreases in sales, others remained quite stable compared with 2013.

Among the automakers that did well in january, Jaguar experienced the greatest increase in sales compared to the same period last year with 72 models sold, 26 more than in January 2012. Infiniti also saw its sales increase significantly with an increase of 41.3 % compared to last year.

Other luxury car manufacturers like Porsche (10.6 %), Land Rover (38.1 %), Lexus (12.1 %), BMW (5.0 %) and even Volvo (15.4 %) sold more vehicles last month that in January 2012. Mercedes-Benz dominated the luxury segment with 2,235 cars registered, 28.1 % more than the same period last year. Audi remained stable with a slight gain of 0.7%.

When it comes to Japanese manufacturers, Toyota sold 9,525 cars, 10.5 % more than last year at this time. Nissan experienced the largest percentage year-to-year increase with an increase in sales of 37.1 %. Subaru has also did very well with an increase of 27.9 % while Honda saw its sales increase by 9.8 % for a total of 6,820 cars sold. Mazda remained stable with a gain of 0.1 %.

After a relatively difficult year in 2013, Kia rebounded in January with an increase in sales of 5.7 %, while Chrysler/Fiat is the only U.S. manufacturer to have experienced an increase in sales last month with 17,589 vehicles sold, the largest number of new vehicles registered among all manufacturers. Finally, Volkswagen (9.2 %) and Mini (1.0 %) complete the group of manufacturers that sold more cars in January 2014 than in 2013.

The bad

January was particularly difficult for Ford and General Motors whom saw their sales tumble by 10.3 % and 20.1 % respectively. Unlike Kia, Hyundai continued to see its sales decline with 6,704 models sold, 8.8 % less than the same period last year.

Mitsubishi saw its sales fall by 3.7 %, while Acura is the only luxury car manufacturer to have sold fewer vehicles in 2014 than in the same period last year with 912 vehicles registered, 97 fewer than in 2013.