According to KBB, these vehicles are the cheapest to own

American publication Kelley Blue Book calculated the total cost of ownership over five years of every model within each segment. The goal was to determine the most affordable cars in each category taking into account all the costs associated with them.

In calculating the overall cost of ownership of a given car, one must look beyond the amount written on the bottom of the sales contract. There are other costs associated with owning a vehicle, and these costs can easily make a model that seems affordable at first glance a bad deal in the long run.

To determine the total cost of ownership, Kelley Blue Book took into account the following factors: depreciation, cost related to fuel consumption, maintenance and repairs planned over the next five years, and finally the cost of insurance and financing.

In considering each of these elements, KBB concluded that Mazda was the manufacturer offering the overall lowest cost of ownership for all its models, while Lexus is the most affordable luxury car to own, all costs considered.

Here are the winners in each segment:

Subcompact car: Chevrolet Spark

Compact car: Toyota Corolla

Compact sports car: Hyundai Veloster Turbo

Mid-size car: Honda Accord

Full-size car: Chevrolet Impala

Entry-level luxury car: Buick Verano

Luxury car: Audi A5

High-end luxury car: Lexus LS

Sports car: Ford Mustang

Hybrid Car: Toyota Prius C

Electric car: Chevrolet Spark EV

Compact SUV: Jeep Patriot

Mid-size SUV: Mitsubishi Outlander

Full-size SUV: Ford Explorer

Compact luxury SUV: Buick Encore

Intermediate luxury SUV: Lincoln MKX

Full-size luxury SUV: Buick Enclave

Mid-size truck: Toyota Tacoma Double Cab

Full-size pickup truck: GMC Sierra 1500

Minivan : Dodge Grand Caravan

Hybrid SUV: Lexus RX