Diesel fuel in the gasoline tanks of a Couche-Tard

A fuel delivery error caused quite a stir in a small municipality in the Lower St-Lawrence region today as thousands of liters of diesel fuel were mistakenly dumped into a tank that normally holds regular gasoline.

The error occurred at a Couche-Tard in Dégelis, a village located on the border with New Brunswick. Due to its geographical position, the gas station is quite popular, but it is unclear at this time how many cars were affected by this error.

That being said, the use of diesel in an engine designed to run on gas can cause significant damage. According to one motorist, the cost of repairs and towing for his damaged car was about $ 450.

Couche-Tard spokesman Mathieu Lavallée said the retailer would reimburse consumers for all expenses caused by this error including the cost of the repairs as well as costs of renting a vehicle if need be.

When such an error occurs and the wrong fuel is used, the engine may misfire while thick black smoke can form under the hood. It is necessary to empty the tank of diesel quickly to avoid more serious mechanical problems with the engine or ignition system.