The Ferrari Challenge seen from behind the wheel

Being a spectator of the Ferrari Challenge is one thing. You get to appreciate the cars from afar for their look, the sound of their V8 and the pilot’s ability.

It is a completely different thing to find yourself behind the wheel of one of the cars. To get a glimpse of what being a Ferrari Challenge driver represents, interviewed driver number 16 from the Miller Motorcars team, Al Delattre, during Tremblant’s Ferrari Racing Days week end.

First question addressed to him is both simple and complex. “Why Ferrari?”. Without any hesitation, Al answers that for him, as for a majority of American kids, the Ferrari cars looked really cool, fancy and expensive. As a car lover, he learned with time to appreciate both the look of the car and its technical qualities that he repeatedly qualifies as being phenomenal, referring to the car’s construction, its performances, its breaking, etc.

Then, 3 or 4 years ago, he visited a New York dealership with his wife to test drive a Ferrari. That’s how his love story with the Italian brand all began. Al even admitted that of all the cars he owns, the Ferrari is the most reliable and consistent one.

That’s what encouraged him to join the Ferrari Challenge series. He tells how he had already noticed the cars during his visits to the Montreal Grand Prix. The Ferrari Challenge cars race during the event. Since he’s always been involved in car racing, he got interested with this series that would allow him to race a more advanced car.

Since the cars are all the same in terms of mechanics and body, it’s all up to the drivers to make a difference. The standards and level of professionalism are very high, yet the series is accessible to all, from beginners to more advanced drivers. The new drivers also have access to coaching from a professional driver to learn all the gears of car racing and get accustomed to the vehicle. A driver also has the liberty to choose whether he will participate in an event or not.

Al also mentions the atmosphere surrounding each race. He explains that in certain series, the atmosphere can be more impersonal. It isn’t the case of the Ferrari Challenge, which is friendlier, convivial and, most of all, family oriented. That’s why his little car-loving family agrees to follow him to the different events he attends (Al even had the names of his daughters inscribed on his Ferrari 458 Challenge Evo.)

Al Delattre has been a driver in the Coppa Shell division for two full years now, a bit for the competition, but mostly for the fun. After the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Montreal and the Tremblant’s Ferrari Racing Days, the series hits the road once more and is heading to the Road America circuit from July 11th to 13th.