Hyundai Canada has no intention of ditching the Veloster

Hyundai Canada told Autogo it has no intention of pulling the plug on the Veloster, this after reports surfaced yesterday that the Korean manufacturer was planning to axe its sporty coupe due to lackluster sales.

The announcement surprised many people, including Hyundai Canada with whom we spoke. "It's definitely news to us," said Chad Heard, Public Relations Manager at Hyundai Canada. He does not know where the news came from, but it would appear that Hyundai has no intention of withdrawing the Veloster from the market.

It would be surprising to see the Veloster leave, at least in North America, given that the model ranks second in its class in terms of sales behind the Ford Mustang. Hyundai sold 58,407 Veloster models worldwide last year, and just under 3,000 models in South Korea.

Unveiled in 2011, the Veloster garnered a lot of attention mainly due to its asymmetrical shape featuring a unique third door. The latter does not alter the sporty styling of the Veloster and allows easier access to the rear seats.

Therefore, it would seem that for now at least, the Hyundai Veloster is here to stay. Hyundai Canada, however, did not want to give us more information regarding a possible refresh of the current model or the eventual introduction of a new generation.