SAAQ officially bans hellaflush vehicles

The Société de l’Assurance Automobile du Québec (SAAQ) has recently released a statement earlier this week regarding heavily modified vehicles. Hellaflushing will no longer be tolerated.

Up until now, the hellaflush trend, though technically illegal, had been tolerated by the SAAQ, but its foot down earlier this week. Hellaflush will remain illegal and from now on, will be treated as such. The SAAQ justifies its decision in detail on their website how the aesthetic trend can affect the safety and the handling of the modified vehicle. They describe hellaflush as a combination of the following modifications:

●Lowered suspensions
●Oversized rims
●Tire stretching

In some extreme cases, the lowered suspensions will create a negative camber angle which has a direct impact on the vehicle’s handling. The SAAQ specifies that it is illegal, among other things, to modify a car in a way that will put the tires in contact with any other components of the vehicle.Same goes for the tire stretching practice, which boils down to fitting the vehicle with tires that are too narrow for the rims.

The SAAQ explains how tire manufacturers' recommendations are to be taken into consideration and how stretching the tire increases the risks of damaging it and reduces its grip. For these few reasons and many more, the SAAQ has decided to take action and the owners of such vehicles, when caught on public roads, will be sent for an inspection of their ride.