2015 smart fortwo vs. 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class: crashed head to head in new company video

smart, Mercedes-Benz's pint-sized cars division, has recently launched their 2015 fortwo.

While this new model is very slightly bigger than the one it replaces, it is still a very small car, measuring just 2.69 metres long.

For some people, size equals safety, and they think that in a crash between a small car and a larger vehicle, the advantage lies with the bigger, heavier one.

To quench such beliefs, the German company released a video which shows a head-on crash test between the 2015 smart fortwo and a 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Both vehicles were travelling at 50 km/h, making the collision force equal to 100 km/h.

As the video shows, the 2015 smart fortwo copes with the collision very well. Credit is given to its Tridion cell safety cage, which keeps the passenger compartment intact, while the rest of the car crumbles around it, absorbing energy.

The company hopes that this video will help put the safety question out of play, for those looking to buy a small city commuter.

The 2015 smart fortwo, which features a 71-hp, 1.0L three-cylinder engine, is expected to go on sale in Canada next year, although no confirmed sale date or pricing has been announced.