Quebec thinking about variable speed limits

Quebec is studying the possibility of introducing variable speed limits on certain sections of provincial roads. Two pilot projects will be implemented soon in Montreal and Quebec in order to verify their effectiveness.

A variable speed limit is simply a legal speed limit that fluctuates depending on weather and road conditions. In other words, if it is snowing or raining, or there is a lot of traffic, the limit will decrease while in situations where the weather is cooperating or there are few cars on the road, it will increase.

The two pilot projects will not be carried out on the province’s highways if we are to believe Minister of Transport Robert Poëti who indicated that the project would be evaluated on roads where the speed limit is below 100 km/h.

The minister also refused to disclose on which roads the pilot projects will be initiated.

Although unique in Canada, variable speed limits already exist elsewhere in the world using electronic panels that display a different speed limit based on road conditions.

The pilot projects should be initiated in the coming months as the roads that will be studied will be announced this fall. One would think the Government will want to evaluate the variable speed limits during the winter season.