General Motors’ recall website may be providing incorrect information

General Motors recalled a record number of vehicles since the beginning of the year and it seems that the automaker’s website dedicated to the various campaigns is having trouble keeping up. Indeed, some models concerned by a recall are apparently not being displayed on the site when the VIN is entered.

In other words, the site has indicated to some users that their vehicle is not being recalled when it fact it is. The problem seems to occur when a replacement part for a recalled vehicle is not yet available.

The NHTSA confirmed last week that some owners who entered the serial number of their vehicle on the website got incorrect information regarding the status of their car. It recommends that owners try again to enter the serial number of their car on site to ensure they received the correct information.

General Motors said it is aware of the situation and assured that it would correct the issues with their site in a timely manner.

In Canada, General Motors provides consumers with a website containing information about product recalls in regards to the ignition switch defect. Owners affected by the various recalls will be notified by mail. In the meantime, owners can contact General Motors’ customer service at 1-800-263-7777.