Bluetooth still causing headaches for drivers

According to a recent study by J.D. Power and Associates, Bluetooth and navigation systems are still a major source of problems for new vehicle owners.

This is further evidence that although technology has evolved and is now omnipresent in new cars, glitches are still to be expected. J.P. Power surveyed more than 86,000 new car owners who purchased a new vehicle between February and May 2014 in order to get their opinions on the communication, navigation, and audio systems found in their new vehicle.

According to the study, voice recognition system is at the heart of the problems associated with the variety of interactive technologies found in new cars. The majority of owners surveyed identified voice recognition as the main problem they faced when interaction with their vehicle’s communication technologies.

Bluetooth came in second, but fewer owners complained about it this year than last year. The study says there were 5.7 problems related to Bluetooth per 100 vehicles in 2014 compared to 6.3 problems last year.

Still, J.D. Power says that number is still too high and reflects a very real problem plaguing modern communication systems. Several participants indicated that their Bluetooth system is not able to detect their mobile phone, or they frequently lose the connection between the system and their device.