Women like to haggle more than men

Women are increasingly negotiating the final price of the car. That according to a recent study by American website Swapalease.com who also says that women seem to appreciate more the negotiation process than men.

According to the study, more women than men find that haggling is a pleasant experience. Indeed, 33.3% of women say that the negotiation process is fun compared to 25.1% of male respondents. While 22.7% of men say they have learned how to negotiate but do not like the experience, only 17.5% of women say the same thing.

The study also noted that men expect more discounts than women at the time of negotiation. An overwhelming 81.3% of male consumers said they wanted a $ 2,000 discount on the final price of the car while only 63.8% of women expect the same discount. Less than 10% of men desire a discount of $ 1,000 while the percentage rises to 20.7% for women.

In addition, men are more likely to negotiate the total price of the vehicle while women generally negotiate the monthly payment. A similar percentage of men and women reported that felt it was important to get the most information possible about the model, rebates, and market realities before going to the dealer to negotiate.