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A lot of information can be found on the web. Everything you want… and everything you don’t want. When comes the time to learn more about cars, there are a few musts.

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Published on 2014/08/04


This website is great when the time comes to purchase a pre-owned vehicle. The service isn’t free as a full report will cost about 50$. The report contains crucial information about accidents, supplied by Canadian insurers, odometer readings, inspection files, registration data and the vehicle status verification, if it has been stolen.

Transport Canada

You can look up recalls on vehicles in the Transport Canada data base. The advantage of this one is that it’s offered in both French and English. So no need for translation.

le lien direct pour les rappels :

Manufacturing defects and recalls

Where you will find everything about recalls and manufacturers.

N.H.T.S.A : National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration 

This is a website by our neighbors from the South. It offers a series of articles about statistics and studies. It helps us understand the impact of alcohol on driving. It offers statistics on younger and older drivers. It compares baby car seats and top top it off, it offers a list of all the recalls, updated as they are announced.

The recalls :


I.I.H.S. : Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

This is one of the most impressive website when it comes to finding the safety rating of your vehicle. You can also fin the results of the famous crash-tests as well.

There is also a study about the cost of repairs on a car damaged in a low speed impact. Helps you visualize how much will cost a 5 or 10km/h incident. You could be surprised!

Here is the comparison table :


You’re in love with your car?

You can visit related forums, where you will find many discussion topics. They’re not all relevant, but after a bit of sorting, you will find everything to meet your heart’s desires.

VW :

Subaru :

Honda :

au Québec :

Hyundai / Kia :

Hyundai Genesis coupe :

Automobiles Anciennes et Modifiées du Québec :

GM Inside news Forum :

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