Nissan 360, around the world in 80 vehicles

Under a radiant sun, a little more than 80 vehicles are parked at the old El Toro military base in the outskirts of Los Angeles. This group includes pickups, sedans, sports cars and even some concept cars.

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Published on 2013/08/28

LOS ANGELES (California) – For the 3rd edition of its Nissan 360 event, the Japanese manufacturer literally transformed the military base in a full-blown test centre. For the next few weeks, some 1,000 journalists from around the world will relay in El Toro, including about 20 Canadians, for a preview of Nissan's development and strategies as well as to have a little fun behind the wheel of a few vehicles that aren't available on our market.

You see, Nissan 360 is an event that rounds up Japanese, European, Russian and of course North-American cars in one place, and also showcases the brand's technological innovations.

"It's a great way to get a complete overview, and to discover all the products that Nissan offers across the globe. It's also a way to show the world that Nissan is more active than ever," said Christian Meunier, President of Nissan Canada.

Besides the vehicles to be tested, among which a few will be reviewed on, Nissan also chose to demonstrate its design and technology know-how. Nissan and Infiniti's most significant concept vehicles that highlighted the auto show circuit these past few years were only on display.

Nissan's heritage couldn't be overlooked, either, as some classics such as the Nissan Fairlady and LeMans race cars were also present.

However, it's Vincent Cobée's presentation that drew the most attention during the first day of the event. He's the man responsible for the resurrection of the Datsun brand, and in addition to presenting the Datsun GO prototype, which will be sold in countries such as India and Indonesia, he explained the importance of affordable vehicles in countries that are currently in development.

"We must offer durable, accessible vehicles, in which people will have confidence (Durable, Accessible and Trust, DAT). If everything goes according to our plans, Datsun will generate up to 50% in sales in the countries where the company will be present," explained Cobée. But don't hold your breath; Datsun won't be offered in Canada.

A virtual trip around the world, the Nissan 360 event is above all proof that the company is growing and is showing no signs of slowing down.

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