Elvis Presley's BMW 507 to get restored

If cars could talk, this 1957 BMW 507 Roadster would have some great stories to tell. Not only is it one of just 254 examples made by BMW – making it extremely rare – it was also owned by none other than “The King” Elvis Presley.

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Published on 2014/08/04

The “You ain't nothin' but a hound dog” singer fell in love with the BMW 507 when he served time as a G.I. in Germany. He made arrangements to lease one, and got his hands on a used press car that had just received a new windshield, a new four-speed manual transmission, and a rebuilt 3.2L V8 that produced 150 hp.

When Elvis first got the car, it was painted white; however, legend has it that he got tired of girls leaving their name and number written with lipstick on the car's hood and fenders, so he got it repainted red.

There are many conflicting stories as to what happened to the car when Elvis went back to the States, however it is known that the BMW 507 also crossed the Atlantic, and found multiple owners.

In 1968, it was bought by Jack Castor, who owns the car to this day.

Just last month, Castor shipped the car back to BMW, to be restored by their Classic Department. Before it gets its makeover, BMW will display the car in their museum in its current condition as part of their “Lost and Found” exhibition, which goes on till August 10th.

Then the restoration process will begin, which is expected to take about two years to complete. Elvis has left us long ago, but it will be great to see his car roar to life once again.

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