PPG unveils the most popular paint colors of 2013

PPG Industries is the largest distributor of automotive paint in the world. The American company provides different shades of paint colors to almost every automobile manufacturer and is therefore in a good position to indicate which colors are most popular with buyers.

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Published on 2013/10/25

Unsurprisingly, white, black and silver are found on the largest number of vehicles sold in North America. In 2013, almost one new car buyer in four selected white, making it the most popular color. White is also the color of choice in Asia and Europe. On the other hand, in South America, silver most often won the hearts of buyers.

PPG also indicates that the choice of body colors is different depending on the type of car. Sports cars are often red or blue, while minivan buyers prefer more sober colors like beige, white and silver.

In 2013, black was the second most popular color (19%), gray was ranked third and silver finished fourth.

If these colors do not inspire you, do not worry. The company expects to create more than 60 new colors over the next two years. There will therefore be plenty of choices for those that wish to stand out on the road. 

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