Ford Energi owners drive in electric mode 60% of the time

Since Ford began selling its plug-in hybrid models named Energi, the U.S. manufacturer has been closely studying the habits of their owners to learn more about how its green cars are used on a daily basis.

The data from these studies is collected by the MyFord Mobile app that is available with all pluggable hybrid and electric models sold by Ford. This application records a large array of information such as the average time to recharge the car in question or the mileage and the energy used during each trip.

By observing the data collected by the application, Ford discovered that nearly 60% of journeys made by Energi or electric Ford models are made using only the electric motor and thus without consuming fuel. Another similar study conducted last winter reported that only 41% of trips were made in electric mode, which suggests that cold weather and snowy or icy roads have a real and significant impact on the range of an electric motor.

Ford also found by observing the results of their study that 84% of trips made by Energi models were less than 30 kilometers. This fact suggests that of plug-in hybrid Ford owners are more likely to use their cars for commuting than for taking longer trips.

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