Toyota unveils its range of TRD Pro Series trucks

Toyota’s TRD division has just unveiled a new line-up of trucks as well as an SUV designed for the most treacherous off-road courses, the TRD Pro Series.

Toyota is not a manufacturer that is usually associated with sports cars, but the Japanese manufacturer does have a division of performance vehicles called Toyota Racing Development. Like Mopar is to Chrysler and Nismo is to Nissan, TRD offers accessories and parts to enhance the style and performance of Toyota vehicles.

At the Chicago Auto Show, TRD will unveil three new models based on the Toyota Tundra, Toyota Tacoma and the Toyota 4Runner. Called the TRD Pro Series, these models are designed to tackle almost any off-road trail.

Each model receives a softer suspension as well as Biltstein shock absorbers, skid plates to protect the vehicle’s belly, uniquely-styled black wheels, and an aerodynamic package that is reminiscent of the Ford F- 150 SVT Raptor. Each model gains about 2 inches of ground clearance.

Nothing changes under the hood while the same engines that power the "normal" models will be offered on the Pro Series range, but the Tacoma and Tundra models receive a new exhaust system.

Pricing has yet to be announced, but the TRD Pro Series models should be available next fall.