Next Smart having some fun in Sweden

Despite uninspiring sales in recent years, Smart intends to offer a second generation Smart Fortwo in North America. The introduction of a new model is perhaps the element that will help Smart recapture some of its early success.

But before selling a new Smart in Canada, the automaker must first ensure that the car can perform well in snowy or icy conditions. To evaluate the next Smart’s winter capabilities, the manufacturer sent a few camouflaged models up north to Sweden and drove them on circuits and roads that would make Canada proud.

The next Smart Forfour was also along for the trip and it is not excluded that this more versatile, four-seat variant of the Fortwo may also eventually be made available to Canadian consumers. Videos filemed during Smart’s winter testing were recently published by the manufacturer.

Many will be surprised to discover that in its current form, the Smart Fortwo can hold its own in winter. Despite its light weight, rear-wheel-drive configuration and short wheelbase, it manages to survive harsh winter storms in part because of a sophisticated traction and stability control system.

When looking at the videos of the winter tests performed in Sweden by Smart, it seems that the new generation for Smart Fortwo and Forfour models will also be able to cope with Canadian winters, just like the current model.

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