Ford and Hyundai are going after the Toyota Prius

Although she is no longer alone, the Toyota Prius remains the benchmark for exclusively-hybrid models. That could change in the coming years as Ford and Hyundai are separately designing hybrid vehicles to compete with the eco-friendly Japanese vehicle.

Toyota has developed the Prius range over the years. Today, there are four versions of the hybrid model including the Prius Plug-in, which has a plug-in hybrid engine and the Prius V, which is more spacious and versatile. Ford is apparently developing a hybrid model that will offer as many variants, although information about the automaker’s next green car are sparse.  

What we know is that the future Ford hybrid is expected to hit the market in 2018 as a 2019 model and that it will be built at Ford's plant in Wayne, Michigan. The model lineup will only offer hybrid engines, and so we should not expect a hybrid model which is also available with a gasoline engine. In short, it will only have the Prius in mind.

This new model could replace the C-Max, which never really managed to get close to the Prius in terms of popularity, in the Ford lineup.

As for Hyundai, information about a future hybrid model are even more limited. That said, AutoGuide recently released images showing four Hyundai Elantra GT models powered by hybrid engines being tested. One of the cars had a modified rear-end, implying that the Korean manufacturer is preparing a unique hybrid model and not only an eco-friendly version of the Elantra.

Toyota is currently working to develop the next generation Prius. Initially planned to be launched in the summer of 2015, the new model was postponed to December 2015 in order to further improve the vehicle’s efficiency.