Acura allows users to build a TLX using Twitter

Since Wednesday, it is possible to configure the Acura TLX using Twitter. This is the first time a manufacturer has developed a configurator specifically designed for use on the microblogging network.

The configurator is a less detailed version of the one found on the Acura site. Users can choose the vehicle’s color, its transmission, and their preferred engine. Once completed, users can "tweet" the TLX to their Twitter account subscribers.

Acura is hoping the new tool will have create a viral effect where other Twitter users will in turn configure their TLX. According to a spokeswoman for Acura, the Japanese automaker wanted to create a useful tool with the configurator rather than just an ad.  

“It doesn’t feel like an ad so much as a little bit of useful technology that allows you to explore some of the ways a TLX can be customized without having to jump out of your Twitter experience”, said Acura spokeswoman Jessica Fini in an email sent to Automotive News.

Acura has a lot invested in the new 2015 TLX as it replaces both the TSX and TL within the Japanese manufacturer’s lineup. The production version of the TLX was unveiled at last year's New York International Auto Show. 

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