1. Test Drives
    2016 Volvo S60 Cross Country: Safe and Solid
  2. Auto Show
    2016 Beijing Auto Show Photo Gallery
  3. Test Drives
    2016 Honda Accord Sport: Sure Bet

Test Drives

  1. 2016 Volvo S60 Cross Country 2016 Volvo S60 Cross Country: Safe and Solid
    Swedish car manufacturer Volvo is on the upswing. After being purchased by the Chinese giant Geely, an 11-billion-dollar action plan was… Full story
  2. 2016 Honda Accord Sport 2016 Honda Accord Sport: Sure Bet
    What makes the Accord so popular? First of all, it has become a household name. Honda could stop advertising the car and still… Full story
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Service & Parts

  1. Insurance Autonomous Cars and Insurance
    Why do we insure our cars? The answer is simple: because we get in accidents! According to Quebec’s Automobile Insurance Act, an accident is defined as any event during which … Full story
  2. Parts & Maintenance RAM Ecodiesel Key Decision: Which Engine?
    We all have an unfortunate tendency to aim for whatever is the biggest, the most powerful, the most luxurious and, of course, the most expensive. This ill-advised yearning also comes … Full story
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News & Events

  1. Auto Show Porsche 718 Cayman 2016 Beijing Auto Show Photo Gallery
    Last car show before summer, the 2016 Beijing Auto Show served up a few nice surprises. Among the world premieres was the all-new Acura … Full story
  2. News & Events 2016 Toyota Prius Going Camping with a Toyota Prius
    It’s almost time for that summer vacation and you’d like to haul that little camping trailer of yours, but you just bought yourself the new-generation … Full story
  3. News & Events Paul Elio and his P5 prototype Another Step Ahead for Elio Motors
    The little American company called Elio Motors will once again work in collaboration with Technosports Creative in Michigan. The partnership will help start building pre-production units, while… Full story
  4. News & Events The Ford Mustang in China Ford Mustang, the World’s Best-Selling Sports Car
    The Ford Mustang is currently the most popular sports car across the globe. In 2015, 110 000 Mustang coupes and 30 000 Mustang… Full story
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Driving Advice

  1. Driving Tips Even intermediate pickups can tow some serious loads. In contrast, compact cars are limited to 453 kg (1 000 lbs.). And even then, some manufacturers don’t recommend any amount of towing for their compacts. Towing: A Summer Activity
    With warmer weather upon us, many people will be looking to buy campers, boats and ATVs. And owning any of these involves towing, of course. So if you plan on … Full story
  2. Driving Tips Even a tiny car like the Nissan Micra has enough cargo capacity to carry four adults and their bags with ease. Cargo Capacity: That All-Too-Often Forgotten Detail
    Most drivers travel alone or with one other passenger. In these circumstances, cargo capacity is rarely an issue. But when vacation time rolls around, it’s a whole other story. Full story
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Used Vehicles

  1. 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe $24,995
    23,837 km
    Cayuga, ON
  2. 2014 Mazda Mazda2 $11,495
    38,366 km
    Cayuga, ON
  3. 2012 RAM 1500 $21,995
    70,077 km
    Cayuga, ON
  4. 2013 Chrysler 300 $23,995
    29,510 km
    Cayuga, ON
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